Kentucky Alarm Services installs home security systems in Lexington KY.

Home Security Systems

Trust your home security to a professional alarm system installer.

Our security system installers are employees who live right here in Lexington, KY.  They take their time and do the job right the first time.  You can be sure that they will clean up after themselves and make sure that you know exactly how to use your alarm system.

To Kentucky Alarm Services, your business is important. We don’t sell your contract to another company like most dealers.

Ask about our B Series from Bosch, the best security system money can buy.

Kentucky Alarm Services installs professional business security systems in Lexington, KY.

Business Solutions

Checking in with our monitoring station every 4 minutes, our business systems are always online.

Most alarm systems check in with the monitoring station on a weekly or monthly basis. This common practice leaves the system vulnerable to sabotage.

Our systems use Verizon‘s LTE network to check in with our monitoring station consistently to ensure the system is still connected.

Kentucky Alarm Services installs high definition surveillance security cameras in Lexington, KY,

IP Security Cameras

See the difference between analog and megapixel surveillance video.

Our digital recording systems allow you to gather the video evidence you need with ease. High quality video greatly increases your liklihood of an arrest.

In the year 2014, if you’re going to invest in security cameras, go with a system that gets results, not one that insults you with low quality footage.